Monday, December 10, 2007


So about a week ago I went to the International 'AIDS and the Church' summit at Saddleback. First of all, Saddleback is ridiculous! It's alot like my gut during the holiday season... Slowly growing to the point of being unattractively huge, yet still part of an overall attractive entity.

So Bono wasn't there this year (it would've been sweet if he was), but we did have our own celebrities this year. Senator Clinton decided to drop by and offer her solutions to the world's problems. She had lots of solutions, and even more secret service agents (both of which weren't overly impressive).

So, I've always been pretty fast... I was the fastest on my sports teams in high school, and though I'm no 'spring chicken' any more, I would like to think that I can still hold my own. So I was relieving myself next to one of Hillary's SS agents, and honestly considered grabbing his gun and making a run for it. I figured with advantage of surprise, along with the time it would take him to 'gather himself' I could have a great head-start. But the fact that I am not overly familiar with the Saddleback campus, and that I got winded walking up the stairs the other day, made me think twice. And so I resisted the temptation and went on with the week-end.

Really good conference... The church in the U.S. doesn't do enough about AIDS, and it probably never will. We are pretty self- focused, which I believe, makes God's heart break. I hope that I will start to care more.

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