Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Mexican Dream

So I went down to baja last weekend to work with some deaf and mute kids down in Ensenada. While I was down there I came to some conclusions...

I will never experience the American Dream. I'm pretty sure I'm never going to own a house. I don't have any kids. (I blame 5 years of Jr. High ministry for that one. It's like I have a target on my nether-region) So I've come to accept that the typical ideals for the American dream will never happen for me and my wife.

But!... The Mexican dream just might be possible for Natalie and I. Being a Mexican citizen I have a chance to own my own little piece of the madre-land. I can have my own house, with a satalite dish, and my own business that I run from my front yard. I was also thinking that I could buy mas quantities of beach front property and "lease" it out to families from the US that don't want to get involved with the 99 year leases that the mexican gov. sets up. I just may own my little slice of paradise yet.

For Some reason that makes me feel better about life, and I don't know why.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Beauty from splinters

So one of my high schoolers dropped my guitar off the top bunk at Hume this year. It was pretty jacked up, the top was all split. I didn't really friek out because I have decided not to care about stuff as much as I used to, but I was still pretty bummed. It was my high school graduation present from my parents so there was a little sentiment there as well.

So, I thought I was without my "knock around" guitar from now on, and would only have my breedlove to play. But low and behold the kid showed up to church 3 weeks later with 4 hundi for a new guitar! So I went to guitar center with my friend Paul (who gets fatty discounts cause he used to work there) and decided to purchase the martin DX1. The guitar is pretty simple -no frills, and it doesn't even have a natural wood body. I was super skeptical about getting it, but I've had it for a week and absolutely love it. The tone is warm, the action is great... I actually like playing it more that my breedlove. All of this and I only paid $346 for the thing! ($499 normally). I highly recommend you get one!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pastors Union

So I was listening to the radio the other day and heard that the grocery store clerks were going on strike... again. Then my wife tells me that the nurses in her union at Sharp medical center went on strike last month, and they all got a $2 per hour raise.

So I have started fantasizing about developing a pastors union.

One that gives us every other Christmas off, 40 hour work weeks, and no phone answering obligations on our days off. My union would also pay extra for overtime, and we would be rewarded for good work with stock options. Thats right, you could actually gain ownership in the church. (I would start with the sound equipment) I figure since I'll never own a house because I work at a church, I mind as well get some sweet sound equipment. We would also be able to tell repeat 'complainers' that they were not allowed to comment on the services anymore.

We could also go on strike. I can just see it now... Sunday morning rolls around and all of the pastors are outside their churches with signs, yelling "scaaaaaaabb!!" to the old lady who plays the organ and the nursery workers as they walk in the doors.

This would help the congregation to have compassion on us pastors, it would help them realize that just because we are pastors, doesn't mean we have taken the vow of poverty.

Hahahaha, though not a reality, it sure is entertaining to think about,

I think I need a day off.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ship Shape

So, I'm on this mission to finally get my life organized. I've been at my church for 3 years now, and I thought it was about time to get things 'ship shape'. (what does that even mean???)

Step one: Blow apart my office, and make it into a room I actually like to be in.

Step two: Rent a giant dumpster and load it to the brim with all of that "we might use it someday" stuff.

Step three: Drink a quad americano, and make rash decisions about the new color scheme for our youth room.

Step four: Follow up on those rash decisions and have a youth "fun day" to paint the room.

Step five: Hire a painter to redo everything

Step six: (final step) Lure Lois Chandler away from Calvary and have her come down and run my ministry instead of Erics...

I like my plan ...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hotter than Hemmit

Yeah so, it's hot... and so I've been thinking of hell a little more than normal.

I saw these two Mormon guys walking down the street in Poway yesterday, wearing the full garb, and I thought... "Better get used to the heat". So here I am making jokes about a real persons eternity... The thing is, didn't really feel bad for them at the time.

Here I am, Tim the Christian, making thoughtless comments about 'Mormon Joe'.
I don't like that I didn't really care about those two guys. It actually really bothers me
right now. But at the time all I could think about was getting out of my crappy, burning hot, 94' camry and getting some food in my belly.

It just shows how my personal comfort is connected with my willingness to have compassion for others.

I wish that wasn't the case...

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