Friday, January 16, 2009

Glimpses of Jesus

Last night was Ted Cupples memorial service, the dad of 3 amazing girls that are involved in the youth ministry at our church. After the service ended I witnessed something beautiful take place. With tears of empathy and words of encouragement the family of God gathered together and talked about Jesus. How strong and good He is. How he showed himself through Ted's life and was faithful to Ted until the end. How he will bring healing to the broken hearts of his daughters, and how he will continue to walk with us through every circumstance.

I need community like this. I need to be reminded that Jesus is real, that he's here, and that he really does love us. I saw Jesus last night. I saw him in his people, I saw his compassion, his love, his empathy, and his healing. I love him.

JJ Heller

I just downloaded 7 songs by JJ Heller off I-tunes. I really like them

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