Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Nights

Oh how my summer nights have changed over the years.

Tonight it consisted of watching my little boy play in the sand on the beach for the first time, as the waves chase him up and down the shore. Watching his only set of clothes get wet and sandy, followed by his sampling and continual consumption of that very sand.

This was soon followed by sharing a hawaiian shaved Ice as we waited for our food from the Santorini cafe. There's nothing quite like sharing a shaved ice with a little boy wearing nothing but his diaper and a hoodie.

It's amazing how you don't miss the freedoms, late movies, night hikes, and midnight swims when they are replaced by a simple evening at the beach with your family. I like my summer nights.

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I'm a follower of Jesus, Husband to a beautiful wife, father to an amazing boy, and Pastor to wonderful people. I live in Alameda with my wife Natalie. I love food and have secret aspirations of being a chef. I would also love to live in the mountains some day, and have a closet full of flannels.