Thursday, January 10, 2008


Every now and then Natalie and I will suffer through a movie that the other really likes and wants to watch @ home. The worse one to date for me was "Bring it on".
So for the last 3 weeks Natalie has been bugging me to watch "Hairspray" with her. I was hesitant but slightly curious about this movie.

So a day after watching John Trivolta dressed as a fat middle aged woman, and watching the main character dance in ways that made me quite uncomfortable, I have officially decided that I did not like this movie.

Christopher Walken was hilarious, and some of the characters were well cast, but that wasn't enough to make this a "Sure, I'll watch it again" movie.

It's on my black list.


So our church has added a 3rd service to our Sunday mornings. Partly because we don't have that much room since the fire, and partly because it is going to help solve some of the music issues that our church has been unable to resolve. (lame)
So for better or for worse I am the primary speaker @ our 3rd service called "Awaken".
I don't know if it is because of this new responsibility or what, but have been spending alot of time thinking about humans.

Eric Tonnas is a biola prof., and some friends of mine just heard him speak @ hume. One of his main points was that the human being is the crown-jewel of God's creation. I tend to stand in awe and marvel @ sunsets, the ocean, or the mountains, but I overlook God's most incredible creation all the time. I makes me think that I am just not getting it when it comes to people.

People bother me, get in my way, make my job difficult, and are everywhere. I love them sometimes, and want to avoid them at all costs @ other times. I don't know if it is human beings or their fallen condition that I tend to dislike, but I don't want to get the two confused.

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